Matt has helped my husband and myself purchase 2 homes together, plus the house my husband owned when we met (3 houses total). He is great to work with - he's super flexible and responsive and is really on top of new listings. He's also wonderful about understanding what we're looking for as buyers and not projecting his own preferences onto our search.

That being said, he is GREAT about thinking creatively about a space's potential and making suggestions. He's really focused on developing his own knowledge and has taken extra courses on things such as how to do a home inspection. Because of that, he can point out potential pitfalls of a house, as well as give us a clear picture of what to expect going into an inspection of the houses we were purchasing.

Finally, Matt's a great value. On top of his skills, he also gave us a buyer's credit, which made purchasing the home just that much easier.

OVERALL: Get Matt. You won't regret it.

Eric and Cate, Middleton, WI


Working with Seth was a wonderful experience. He clearly explained the process, and was with us every step of the way. He was prompt and easy to get ahold of to answer all our questions and concerns. To top it off, his market search assistance was spot on. We sold our house quickly and for a great profit.

Mellissa - Madison, WI


Yesterday’s closing was a mixture of activity and conversations and I wasn’t sure that I took the time to properly thank you (and your team at The McGrady Group) for helping us through this important and challenging time for Mary and me. You are a patient and thorough communicator, very strategic in your advice, and very genuine in your caring about doing the right things for us. So once again, ‘Thank You’ from both of us, we will continue to wave your banner whenever we have the opportunity!

Rich and Mary - Madison, WI


My wife and I had a great experience with Matt for our first home purchase. Matt understands the market and his background in property management adds another element of knowledge to the home buying process. One of our favorite characteristics of Matt is his patience and ability to know when to listen and when to provide advice. A lot of brokers tend to think about closing first, client second and Matt is the opposite. He really strives to help find the right house and does not try to push to get to the closing table. It is the kind of service we really appreciated. I highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.

Chase and Cherish, Madison, WI


Seth provided solid, professional and passionate support. Seth was well-informed and extremely helpful to us as we sorted through our buying of this home. The negotiation process was a bit tangled and Seth guided us through this, providing good advice along the way. Seth has a special quality that my husband and I especially appreciated. That quality is trustworthiness. He allowed us to work on good faith from start to finish, without worries. We recommend Seth as a very qualified and likable agent.

Micca and Alan, Madison, WI


Matt was great to work with during our first home-buying experience! He's very knowledgeable about the home-buying process and was a great resource to have during showings. Because of his many years of experience working with rental properties he is very familiar with common issues that come up over the lifetime of a home and was able to point things out that were either easily fixable and nothing to worry about or things that could become a major problem down the road. He also seemed to have a good amount of home improvement experience and was able to estimate how much effort and money some contemplated projects might require. And you really cannot beat his buyer's incentive bonus that covers a lot of the closing costs. I'm so glad we were referred to him by friends who had used him previously and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a house

Jenn and Andy


Seth was soooo!!! excellent. From the very beginning he made EVERYTHING EASY. Not only is he a great guy, he is also caring, very knowledgeable and available. All I had to do was get the house ready for open houses. When I did get an offer, Seth handled EVERYTHING SEAMLESSLY. The only thing I had to do was let him know how much I would sell the house for and show up for closing. It couldn't have been a better experience.

Cathy C.


We have worked with Matt on two occasions. Matt helped us buy our first home in October of 2012. He made sure that we paid a fair price on a home that was a sound investment. A year after we bought our house; Brian and I got engaged. We started thinking about starting a family. Knowing we would eventually need more space and that the market was starting to pick up, we didn’t hesitate to contact Matt again for help. Matt went out on a limb and not only helped us find an awesome house to buy, he also sold our house in only 2 ½ months, for more than our purchase price!

Matt is always on the ball. He is reliable and makes himself available to his clients. Matt is easy to work with and makes his clients feel comfortable. We are so happy to have met Matt and worked with him during a process that can be very stressful, but wasn’t. Thanks Matt, you’re awesome!

Lesley Smith & Brian Hobson


We truly enjoyed working with Seth in selling our home. He guided us through the process and promptly answered every question or concern that we had. We would strongly recommend him to any propective seller.

Scot V.


We have lived in our new home for a little over a month and could not be happier. It has been a crazy few weeks trying to get everything ready before the baby arrives. We cannot thank you enough for your help and guidance through the entire process. Kyle and I feel very fortunate that our paths crossed and we will be passing your name on to anyone we know in the market to buy a house.

Tania & Kyle W.


Matt was awesome in helping us find our first home. He was extremely patient with us and always made himself available. While Matt helped us weigh the pros and cons of different houses, we never felt pressure to move forward on anything we weren't comfortable with. His extensive background with rentals also helped provide a frame of reference on cost and effort when it came to considering upgrades on certain homes. When we were close to offering on a house we weren't entirely in love with, Matt shared a key piece of advice - "When you find the house, you'll know it." A month later we did! We found an amazing home in Madison and could not be happier.

Thank you again, Matt, for everything! We had fun working with you.

Chase and Cherish, Madison, WI


Matt was absolutely great to work with in buying a house. We were first-time home buyers and he was helpful from the first house we saw together all the way through closing of the home we now own.

He was prompt in setting up showings, patient in seeing a variety of houses, relaxed and accommodating in working with our schedule, and honest in answering our questions.

Also, the buyers incentive that was offered makes the final transaction easier and takes a little stress off the down payment making the closing that much easier.

Above all, Matt is a nice guy and I recommend others work with him as well.

Ian and Natalie


My name is Kathy, I had my home in Elm Grove up for sale for two years and didn’t have any luck selling it. I decided to take it off the market for a while. Then I met Miles Green with The McGrady Group LLC. Miles taught me and really helped me get the house staged for selling (I really didn’t know what staging meant) I did some simple remodels in the kitchen, changed the lighting, painted, removed wall paper and all for a very small price. It looked so much more attractive and modern. My house sold in two weeks after these minor changes. I actually ended up having a bidding war when two individuals came to my open house and fell in love with the home. Goes to show what a little work can do to tidy things up. Thank you Miles. I am now living in another town with my husband. We were living apart for two years after being married because I couldn’t sell my house.

Kathy F. - Elm Grove, WI.